You do not have to come into our office to make a Will, we can advise you from the comfort of your home and discuss your requirements over the telephone or via video conferencing. You do also have the option of a face to face appointment, however please contact the office for this service to ensure that the correct safeguards are in place before your appointment light of the Covid-19 crisis.

We ensure that you receive comprehensive and transparent legal advice and guidance from the outset safeguarding you from falling into any of the pitfalls that can occur as a result of incorrect advice or drafting your own will without the correct legal platform.


Please see a summary of our pricing below. We always endeavour to identify the product suited for you at the outset of the matter, this could potentially change upon detailed discussion with your advisor, at which point we will obviously provide a further quote, as below.

Why a Will is right for you:

  • Choose trusted people as executors who will administer your estate after your death and pass your assets on to your beneficiaries.
  • Choose who will act as trustee for any ongoing trust created.
  • Express your preference as to the guardians for any of your infant children
  • Reflect changes in your life circumstances, such as marriage or divorce, or the birth of children or grandchildren.
  • Dictate to whom your assets pass, and on what terms.
  • Express a preference as to your funeral wishes.
  • Ensure that your estate is distributed in as a tax efficient a way as possible and that your assets are protected as best, they can be.

In the absence of a valid will, your estate will pass via the intestacy provisions a much more costly and rigorous way to administer your estate. If your wishes are clearly expressed in a Will it takes away any further liability to the estate and decreases the burden on your loved ones.

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